Lopi Evergreen II NexGen Hybrid Pedestal


The newly designed mid-sized Evergreen NexGen-Hybrid™ Wood Stove hits the mark on performance, function and design. NexGen-Hybrid™ wood stoves are the cleanest burning, most efficient wood stoves available today! These are not your typical catalytic wood stoves. NexGen-Hybrid™ is a combination of the two greatest wood burning technologies Lopi’s ever created: The patented, award-winning Hybrid-Fyre® technology and the high performance NexGen-Fyre™ technology. This advanced system drafts and operates like a super clean non-catalytic stove, while burning less wood to generate a greater heat output like a catalytic stove. The results are lower emissions, higher efficiencies, and longer burn times.

Heating Capacity: Up to 2,000 square feet;
Emissions: 1.2 Grams Per Hour;
EPA Tested BTUs: 12,772 to 70,720 BTUs CORD WOOD;
Maximum Burn Time: Up to 10 Hours;
Efficiency: Up to 77.3%;
Maximum Log Size: 20-1/2”.

Design your own at: https://firebuilder.travisindustries.com/

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